Zombie Army 4: Dead War Torrent Download

Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Many of you searching for Zombie Army 4: Dead War Torrent download. Here you can download it for free full game with all DLC’s and Crackfix repack by dodi and fitgirl. To download click on the below button.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War

About Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Hitler’s crowds are back for additional in this spine-chilling shooter from the creators of Sniper Elite 4! Loathsome mysterious foes, epic weapons and a nerve racking new mission for 1-4 players anticipate in 1940s Europe, as you battle to spare mankind from undead Armageddon!

Stunning New Campaign

The opposition have crushed Zombie Hitler and cast him into Hell – yet the dead ascent by and by with more noteworthy craving than previously!

Proceed with the substitute history of Zombie Army Trilogy in colossal new levels, and reveal an evil arrangement that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and past!

Battle the powers of murkiness in carcass baffled waterways, endure a Zombie Zoo, and excursion to dull, puzzling spots no individual has been previously… and lived to tell the story!

Award Winning Gameplay

Experience the class characterizing ballistics Rebellion made popular in the Sniper Elite arrangement, and set out to really utilize it against the shambling swarms of the condemned!

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Updated Kill Cams and Dismemberment

The X-Ray Kill Camera returns! Watch in shocking ous moderate movement as shots, bombs and more annihilate bones and organs in X-beam. Wonder as your shots remove a spoiled appendage or two, and shudder as the dead KEEP COMING!

Deep Progression and Customizations

Fabricate the slayer that suits you as you rank up! Extravagant yourself a watchman blessed messenger? Take harm for your colleagues! Like that turret to such an extent? Why not take it with you? At that point murder in style as you open new outfits, acts out and insults!

Killer Melee

At the point when the dead encompass you, retaliate with improved skirmish battle! Freight ship through groups, trample heads and dispatch the living dead with fearsome takedown moves!

Epic Weaponry

Bridle the intensity of discharge, lightning, and awesome quintessence to overhaul your firearms at workbenches, and make custom made damnation raisers! An attack rifle that fires lightning? A gun with a flaring Bayonet? Anything goes in mankind’s last stand!

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Monstrous Multitudes

Take on armies of diabolical grabbers, massive defensively covered elites, unnerving shadow evil presences, touchy self destruction officers and a large group of different shocks! At the point when you’re gazing intently at the beefy barrel of a ZOMBIE TANK, you’ll wish you’d remained behind the couch!

Bigger, Badder Horde Mode

Broaden your SLAYcation in the extended Horde Mode. The more you endure, the greater the guide gets. How long would you be able to retaliate without joining the crowd of the LIVING DEAD?


Zombie Army 4 Dead War torrent
Zombie Army 4 Dead War torrent download
Zombie Army 4 Dead War download full game

Repack Features

  • Based on Zombie.Army.4.Dead.War-EMPRESS ISO Release (56.8 GB)
  • Zombie.Army.4.Dead.War.Crackfix.V2.READNFO-EMPRESS applied
  • Game version : v2.02 – Build 2020.10.21.9 73201
  • DLCs
  • Undercover Karl Outfit
  • FG-42 Automatic Rifle Bundle
  • Undead Airman Character
  • Solid Gold Weapon Skins
  • Repeater Rifle Bundle
  • Classic Boris Outfit
  • M1 Semi-auto Carbine Bundle
  • Molten Lava Weapon Skins
  • New Mission 1 – Terror Lab
  • PPSH Submachine Gun Bundle
  • American Sea Captain Character
  • Renegade Officer Character
  • Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins
  • Mortar Shotgun Bundle
  • Gas Mask Headgear Bundle
  • Mission 2 – Blood Count
  • Luger Pistol Bundle
  • Paratrooper Zombie Character
  • Shotgun Pistol Bundle
  • Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • Mission 3 – Deeper than Hell
  • French Resistance
  • Fighter Character
  • Carbon Weapon Skins
  • Lone Wolf Jun Outfit
  • Flags Charm Pack
  • Crossbow Rifle Bundle
  • Crossbow Pistol Bundle
  • Zombie Gentleman Dress Uniform Character
  • Halloween Charm Pack
  • Halloween Headgear Bundle
  • Occult Ritual Weapon Skins
  • Lee Enfield Rifle Bundle
  • Mission 4 – Damnation Valley,
  • Zombie Army 4: Season Pass
  • Zombie Army 4: Season Pass Two
  • Language : MULTi12
  • Audio: English
  • Language can be changed by editing NemirtingasEpicEmu.json file in bin folder and change “language”: “en” to your language : ”ru” or ”fr” or ..
  • Repack Size : 30.15 GB
  • Final Size : 61 GB
  • NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
  • Installation time 8 – 19 mins ( Based on Your System )

Zombie Army 4: Dead War System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 4 Cores 3.7GHz (or AMD similar)
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTX 1030 2GB (or AMD similar)

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Download Size: 30.15 GB

Empress Download Size: 44GB

Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Download and install Zombie Army 4: Dead War

  1. Click on the download

  2. Download Zombie Army 4: Dead War torrent file

  3. Open file Torrent file

  4. Download The Game

  5. Open Destination Folder where you download the game

  6. Run the installer as administrator

  7. Click on the page

  8. Press the up arrow on your keyboard

  9. Click Install

  10. Click Continue

  11. Select installation destination

  12. Click Next

  13. Select component

  14. Install

  15. Enjoy Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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